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Dental Crowns in Courtenay

Our E4D Mill technology allows the dentists at Driftwood Dental to create restorations, including same-day crowns.

How the E4D Mill can help.

The E4D Milling system breaks down all the barriers to same-day dentistry.

This piece of technology allows us to streamline the restoration process for you.  In many cases, a single appointment we can scan, mill, fit and help restore your smile to give you a crown.

This technology no longer requires the use of impressions or powders.

Your restorations can all be made with a digital scanner, allowing for us to create, natural-looking restorations with a custom fit!

The Process:

  • Prep: First we will prep your tooth for the restoration
  • Scan: Next we scan your tooth for the digital details
  • Design: We send the digital scan to our lab to professionally design your crown
  • Mill: Usually within minutes, the lab will return a digital file containing the information for the E4D Mill and we'll begin the manufacture of your crown
  • Fit & Restore: Finally, we will fit your restoration, glaze to colour match and voila - you've got a new crown

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